A Healthy Conversation–Sitting Is The New Smoking

Universally this will be the simplest thing you can do to help improve your health.


Donna:         Hey there welcome to A Healthy Conversation. Well once again you’ve been invited into the Krech Kitchen to talk about what we talk about all the time and that’s health. Today we’re going to talk about these words Sitting Is the New Smoking. What are you looking at?

John:            Is that the dress you got in Vegas?

Donna:         It’s one of the dresses that I got in Vegas, because we don’t gamble right.

John:            We should probably start. We’d probably spend a lot less money that way.

Donna:        No, we don’t gamble so we go to shows and we shop when we’re in Vegas. We were on the way to San Diego, I’d been invited to the Medical Wellness Association’s Forum for a day, and it was in conjunction with IHRSA, our fitness international convention. I asked John to go with me because we were celebrating in Vegas the 25th Anniversary of our first date.

John:            Date.

Donna:         And it took place in Vegas. So, we passed by Vegas where I did a little shopping, and then we went onto San Diego together. Well, we sat at the Medical Wellness Association’s Forum for the day. And we picked up a lot of incredible information regarding medicine, wellness and fitness where we already integrate that, and have been doing that for years in our facility. We’re learning now that the rest of the industry is wanting to do that, which is very exciting, very good news.

They said something, one of the doctors that was speaking said something, and at the moment he said it John and I looked at each other and said “Oh that’s powerful.” They’re the words that I opened this video with. So I want you to really wrap your head around and even write them down Sitting Is the New Smoking.

John:            Smoking.

Donna:         In the 50s everybody smoked right.

John:            Smoked.

Donna:         Nobody thought anything of it because lung cancer wasn’t talked about, people smoked a pack a day they were chain smokers. Now today you know, of course you know that smoking creates unbelievable atrocity for your lungs and it shortens…

John:            Heart problems.

Donna:         …your life. Heart problems, stroke. My father passed away from a stroke from smoking. So everybody knows the dangers of smoking. What we’re going to share with you today is a way to get yourself healthy, this is the universal way. There are a lot of other forums which I’ll talk about at the end of this video, but this is the universal way to equate getting off of that couch to not taking that cigarette.

Now again let’s go back to the 50s, if somebody took a cigarette today that would be the same as sitting…

John:            Sitting.

Donna:         …on the couch.

John:            Yes.

Donna:         So what we’re going to do is help you not take that cigarette. We’re going to help you get off the couch and help you understand what can be accomplished when you get off that couch.

John:            Well the whole idea behind this is making things as simple as you possibly can. There’s a lot of different things you can do to keep your body moving, but this is probably one of the most universal ones that’s the simplest to do. I put an equation up here and basically what I did was I was I…

Donna:         Nice, very nice. You see how he treats me.

John:            Everybody starts out at the number 220. What you want to do is you want to subtract your age from the number 220.

Donna:         So this is an example of somebody who’s 50.

John:            Fifty okay. And you come up with a maximum heart rate. This is the number of beats per minute is 170, so you never want to go over 170 beats per minute anytime you’re exercising.

Donna:         Right.

John:            But where the simple research is, I mean there’s a lot of different types of forms and interval training.

Donna:         Yes. We’ll talk about that later.

John:            Yes. What you want to do is 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. So if you just do 170 a little handheld computer.

Donna:         And let’s just make it point the number is 220 to start no matter what.

John:            No matter what age you are.

Donna:         You might start with 220, you subtract your age, you’ll get a remainder, and from that you do your percentages.

John:            Right. So you’re going to just go times .880 x 170, and you come up with 136. Then you go 170 x .70 and you come up with 119. So 119 to 136 for a 50-year-old…

Donna:         Is your target.

John:            …is your target heart rate.

Donna:         Now listen just so you know that there is some research that says 60% to 80%. If somebody is really out of shape or may be overweight or dealing with a medical condition sometimes it can be 60% to 60%. You want to check with your personal trainer, check with your healthcare professional. We are going to talk in future videos about other forms that are very popular now interval training. Birth training is very good for health and reducing Cortisol levels, which is something close to my heart.

So we’re going to educate more later, but for now find your target heart rate. Take your 200 minus your age, that’ll give you a remainder, then times that by 70% to 80%. There’s your target heart rate. When you’re in that target heart rate for 20 minutes your body’s going to produce endorphin, you’re going to be able to burn fat, you’re going to have gotten off that couch and you’ll be throwing the cigarettes away.

John:            You’ll feel a lot better.

Donna:         You’ll be feeling a lot better and they can go shopping right.

John:            Instead of gambling.

Donna:         Yes right instead of gambling.

John:            Spending less money.

Donna:         Okay. Thanks for watching.


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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