A Healthy Conversations: How To Keep Your Body Cancer Free

DONNA:             Hey there, welcome to A Healthy Conversation. Where you’ve been invited into our home, to get in on the healthy conversation that we have. You’ve had questions about your physical health, sometimes relationship health, which of course we’re pros at that.


JOHN:                  Pros, yeah.


DONNA:             Spiritual health or health of your business or with your finances and we’ll be talking to all of that. But for right now, we’re still focused on physical health. Now John and I were talking this morning about lemons. Not that life is a lemon, but about how lemons clean. You know how you have lemon Pledge, lemon Dawn and all these lemon cleaners? Well it’s like when we go, you said to a really nice restaurant, right? They give you a half a lemon to squeeze on your hand because it. . .


JOHN:                  Cleans it.


DONNA:             . . .cleans it so well. So there’s a magic number and we’ll just kind of resume the conversation we were having this morning. There’s a number inside my body with regard to alkaline and acid and nobody knows what that means. What’s that magic number?


JOHN:                  The magic number is seven. Now any time your body has a pH under seven it runs acidic.


DONNA:             Which is bad.


JOHN:                  Which is bad. Now any time your body is running acidy or acidic your body always runs irritated, it’s inflamed. Any time you pH of your body goes over seven, then your body runs in alkaline range, which means it’s running very, very cool.


DONNA:             So this brings about alkaline. And what you’ve taught me to do is get a whole lemon, right? Cut it in half.


JOHN:                  Cut it in half.


DONNA:             Which clearly I already started to do. Folks need to get one of these little, very simple, basic, basic juicers.


JOHN:                  Three or four bucks.


DONNA:             Right. And on there that goes. We that.


JOHN:                  Squeeze the lemon.


DONNA:             Squeezing and turning which puts all that lemon juice down in there. Now tell me what to do with that.


JOHN:                  I generally put about eight to ten ounces of water with it, it’s going to be very sour, you put about a scoop of Stevia in it and that sweetens it up real nice, so in effect you’re making lemonade. And when I drink that in the morning, it just cleans your whole intestinal system out. It kind of does what it does to your hands after you get through with a greasy meal.


DONNA:             So now what I do, I know you’ve told me one lemon in the morning, so I don’t do the lemonade thing so much as I squeeze a half a lemon, put it in water and drink it and then a little bit later I do the other half and just drink it. So either way, because it’s really refreshing for me. Now this is going to take my body to really good alkaline level and the way you said it this morning was “To start the day” right?


JOHN:                  Exactly.


DONNA:             But I can mess that up?


JOHN:                  Well most of the foods we’re eating today are very, very acid forming. All the coffee that we’re drinking, all the high sugar we’re eating, make our bodies very acidic. Where when you eat good food, basically green leafy vegetables, anything that has a high mineral content.


DONNA:             Or vibrant color; blueberries, carrots.


JOHN:                  Exactly. Common sense stuff.


DONNA:             So now how do I check my pH? How do I know if I’m alkaline or acidic, how do I check?


JOHN:                  Well you have these little pH testing strips and basically what you do is first thing in the morning is a good time to do it, you do your saliva or you could do your urine as well. And that kind of tells you whether you’re in. . .


DONNA:             What my number is.


JOHN:                  What your number is. Either you’re going to over seven or under seven.


DONNA:             And I want to be over seven.


JOHN:                  Over seven.


DONNA:             And if I do a lemon in the morning, it sets my day up that way. Let’s talk real quick about why acidic is bad. I know that if my acidic, below seven, I’m going have inflammation which we all know is pain. But, if my body is inflamed, that’s also a set up for things like cancer right?


JOHN:                  Cancer cells have a pH of six. Which means all cancer cells have to be in an acidic range, so when you keep your body over seven, you keep the cancer away from your body. It’s very, very simple.


DONNA:             Because they can’t survive.


JOHN:                  They can’t survive in an alkaline environment.


DONNA:             So, here’s a half for you. Here’s a half for me. We’re going to cheers to be alkaline.


JOHN:                  If somebody gives you lemons make lemonade, right?


DONNA:             Literally. Lemonade and get healthy with a healthy conversation. You can always thedonnakrechstore.com to check on any of our products, but today our goal is to send them to the grocery store, right?


JOHN:                  Get some lemons.


DONNA:             Get some lemons. Get a little simple squeezer and get healthy with a healthy conversation. Thanks for coming into our home. Cheers.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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