A Healthy Conversation: How To Cure A Cough

Just 3 Simple Ingredients!

If you find yourself with a persistent cough or any upper respiratory irritation, we’ve got a great recipe for relief!

Donna:         Hey there welcome to A Healthy Conversation. So you found John and I in a different position, we’re at the stove. We’re going to show you how to alleviate a cough. John told me, I don’t remember when this was, but you were coughing.

John:            A couple of months ago for a month I couldn’t get rid of the cough.

Donna:         And he prepared a ginger tea. Now sometimes when you think of ginger you think of tummy ache right.

John:            Motion sickness.

Donna:         And it works for that. But he made a ginger tea that overnight, at least this is what happened for him.

John:            It was gone.

Donna:         It was gone.

John:            Yes.

Donna:         So we’re going to show you a very, very simple recipe for a tea that’s going to help with anything bronchial related.

John:            Correct.

Donna:         Right. So we put our ingredients together on the stove. You want a pot that has a lid. You want to take two cups whatever cups are for you, now actually measure 16 ounces if you’ve measured it out, but two mugs so that you can make yourself two cups of tea. And you’re going to put the water in the pot and you’re going to boil it. Put the lid on or don’t put the lid on, that’s really there for seeping later. Bring that water to a boil. While that water is coming to a boil…

John:            Then you take three basic ingredients, very simple. Now you want to go to the store and get fresh ginger. This is ginger root. You want to cut a couple of sections about an eighth of an inch thick, enough to cover basically about two quarters. Now you chop it up real good. You take…

Donna:         So you don’t just slice it. We’re not going to just drop this in. We’re going to chop this up.

John:            Chop it up real fine.

Donna:         So they’re slicing but then they will chop it up.

John:            Correct.

Donna:         Okay.

John:            You want to take the skin off too. There’s a skin on the outside you want to take that off as well. You want to take the juice of one lemon.

Donna:         And they’ve heard us talk about the juicer.

John:            A little $3 dollar juicer works just as good as anything else does.

Donna:         You cut your lemon in half and literally just twist it on top of the juicer and that lemon juice and that whole lemon is going to end up right in there.

John:            Third ingredient is honey. Now very, very important that you get local honey that way you pick up all the immunities from all the plants around your area, or raw honey which has a milky white consistency which hasn’t been processed at all.

Donna:         But everybody can easily find local honey.

John:            Correct.

Donna:         Right.

John:            Two tablespoons full of raw honey or a local honey, take all the ingredients.

Donna:         After the water has come to a boil, important, put all the ingredients in. Now remember you have now just sliced the ginger, you’ve skinned it and you’ve chopped it up. You’re going to put that chopped up ginger in your pan, you’re going to put the juice and the whole lemon in your pan, and you’re going to put the two tablespoons of honey in the pan. That’s where you definitely want to cover it again right.

John:            You want the water off. You want the heater off.

Donna:         Okay. So we’re turning it off completely and it’s just going seep.

John:            Let it seep for about 15 to 20 minutes, and voila, it will work marvelously on your cough.

Donna:         Okay now this is something that you can drink in the morning, all day long. You can’t overdo it, you can’t have too much. And you were talking to me as we were getting ready this morning about a way that a person could enjoy it in the evening. We weren’t sure whether we were going to share this or not, but okay go ahead and share it.

John:            Take one ounce of either whiskey or bourbon and put it in there as well.

Donna:         Oh my gosh I can see the headlines now, John Krech tells people to drink alcohol.

John:            Drink alcohol.

Donna:         Oh no.

John:            You don’t want to do it more than a couple of times because you’ll wakeup in the morning with a cough and a hangover, so it’s not good either.

Donna:         So at night if you want a little help sleeping you can put on a little bit of whiskey in there.

John:            It’s a hot toddy.

Donna:         A hot toddy right. Okay have a good day.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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