I Believe I Have Something To Say About These Words… You Didn’t Lose If You Learned. By Donna Krech

I Believe I Have Something To Say About These Words… You Didn’t Lose If You Learned.

You may have embarked on many goals over the years. We all have.

Maybe you decided to lose weight. Maybe you decided to get fit. Maybe you decided to write a book, write a song, start a business, begin an education, buy a home or a plethora of other goals.

And then, maybe something occurred that prevented you from fulfilling that goal.

It could have been anything from something simple, like you didn’t think about the potential obstacles ahead of time or you just didn’t have a thorough plan, to something massive like losing a loved one or a pandemic occurring or being diagnosed with an incredulous illness.

No matter what the case, however, know this… we didn’t lose if we learned.

As long as we look at what did work and what was moving us toward the goal, and we copy those things… and also look at what didn’t work or what went wrong and pay attention to what we could have done differently, in that situation, we will win! We will thrive! We will achieve the ultimate goal!

Please be careful not to look at what didn’t go well and use victim language like he, she, they, them, the government, the economy, the pandemic, the company, etc.

In other words, look at what didn’t go well and think about what you could have done differently.

The bottom line is that we have all set goals, and we have all had major setbacks at 1 point in time or another. And the truth is, we have felt like we lost.

What I am sharing with you today, is that you didn’t lose if you learned.

Look back at the weight loss programs that didn’t result in you achieving the ultimate goal. Think about what worked and think about what didn’t work.

Look back at the business you started that didn’t succeed and think about what did work and what didn’t work.

You get the idea. Right?

The most important thing I can say to you is what I have said to you a few times already…. you didn’t lose if you learned.

Now, take what you learned and go thrive!

I love you with my whole soul!


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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